Spanish for Foreigners

If you need to learn or improve your Spanish, in Fast Language Center we offer a quick, effective and conversational method for you to speak Spanish in less time than you imagine.

We offer you a conversational methodology that lets you practice and live the language as you learn so that you can read, write, understand and SPEAK Spanish in a short time.

Why is Peru the best place to learn Spanish?

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Spanish with Conversation

A complete Spanish course with emphasis in conversation specially designed for those students whose objective is to master the language.

This Spanish program is ideal for students with or without previous knowledge who not only want to learn how to read and write well, but also to SPEAK, understand and master the language. This program is offered at all levels: beginning, early intermediate, intermediate, early advanced, and advanced.

Conversation and Mastery

If you already learned Spanish but you still feel that you need to improve your fluency and precisión or if you have trouble to understand spoken Spanish, we have the right course for you. Our Conversation and Mastery program focuses in developing your fluency and accuracy in the use of the language so that you can speak fluently and naturally and without mistakes. In addition the program includes intensive training to improve your listening comprehension so that you can understand native Spanish speakers.

Spanish for Tourists

Spanish for tourists is a highly practical and intensive Spanish course specially designed for all travelers who need to communicate efectively during a trip to any Spanish speaking country.

This program is oriented to students with or without previous knowledge of Spanish and it is focused in teaching the Spanish which is necessary to face everyday travel situations such as using public transportation or taking a taxi, going shopping, ordering food in a restaurant, etc.

Business Spanish

This program is designed to teach Spanish with emphasis in the vocabulary that you need to handle any business situation. This course is offered at all levels, from basic to advanced. In addition, you will also learn how to read, write, understand and SPEAK the Spanish you need for the business world.

Foreign workers

Intensive and highly personalized Spanish course, oriented to people who already work or wish to work in a Spanish speaking country. This program is customized according the profession and particular needs of the student so that he or she can adquire the Spanish vocabulary needed for his or her work at the same that he or she learns the language.

Why are we different?

1. Conversational classes. To become fluent, increase vocabulary and feel confident when speaking the language.

2. Listening comprehension training: To improve your listening comprehension and pronunciation.

3. A practical methodology. To make you experience the language by allowing you to use your newly acquired knowledge of Spanish to practical situations.

4. Small groups or private lessons.